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Onsite Support

With technology advancing at high speeds, tech support is now available in two ways:

Remote (Offsite) Computer Support
Offsite computer support enables the technician to handle computer related issue by accessing your network or connected device remotely through an Internet connection. Here are some of the benefits of offsite support:

  • Saves Money: with no travel involved, offsite support reduce its rates.
  • Avoiding Wait Time / Instant Support: support can be rendered quicker as you do not have to wait for the technician to arrive at your location. This means an issue can be resolved in a timely fashion.
  • Universal Scope: Our tech support agents can help you no matter where you are anywhere in the world.

Note: Unlike software issues, hardware problems cannot be fixed remotely. Our support specialists will do everything possible to assist you. However, if a device needs to be removed or replaced, we will have to schedule an onsite appointment.

Onsite Computer Support
A professional technician is physically present at your location. Having a tech support professional is always the most reliable choice. This support is usually needed when offsite support cannot be provided or when the user is a “beginner.” Here are some of the advantages of having an onsite technician:

  • Easier to diagnose an issue in person than remotely. Having someone there makes it easier to communicate the problem and can result in a much more efficient conclusion. It’s always nice to have someone who knows what he’s doing standing at your side.
  • Computers that fail cannot be booted up remotely and troubleshooting cannot occur.
  • Some issues like hardware failure, power failure and physical damage cannot be resolved remotely.

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