We offer professional Managed IT support for a wide variety of industries.


Primetech is a leader in the warehousing industry using the most comprehensive Digital Marketing tools that will take your operation to the next level. We understand that running a warehouse is a huge structure with tight deadlines. Primetech can set up, maintain and secure your network so that it is running efficiently and securely. And yes, we work with RFID systems and Zebra technology which:
Helps reduce labor costs / Reduces inventory errors / Decreases claims and deductions / Increases distribution center productivity and more…


At Primetech we understand the value of a system that saves you time and money while keeping your client data safe and secure. Accuracy and efficiency matters in all tasks and any IT issue can stunt your firm during tax season. Primetech can create a well-managed IT infrastructure so that you can focus on your clients and increase business productivity. Our exclusive Primeguard tool will help with reporting, monitoring, auditing, network scanning, backups, and security.

Small/Med/Large Businesses

At Primetech we know that the right IT services is important for your business regardless of its size. Business owners don’t always have the time or the resources to develop and maintain a proper IT network. Primetech will cleverly build, manage, support and secure your business infrastructure while providing day-to-day computer and network IT support. Our staff can set up and maintain your data centers and even design a solution that meets your unique business requirements.

Law Offices

Primetech provides IT support and services for your law firm. We understand the technological needs and challenges facing the legal industry and we can keep your office running smoothly and securely. Primetech will integrate data security into your organization’s technological practices while providing the best IT support.


Primetech can set up and maintain a reliable IT infrastructure, implementing the programs you need to support your business while managing costs. Our IT experts will manage complex networks while providing cyber security defenses that will protect what you value most. With our hands-on IT support we can meet any of the manufacturing challenges.

Medical Practices

We service Medical Offices, Clinics & Nursing Homes – providing the necessary IT equipment, software and support needed for each industry while adding HIPAA compliant tools. Our IT technicians follow strict HIPAA Tech guidelines and will see to it that your staff does the same. We help to design and apply the right technology for your practice with the utmost security measures in place.

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