PrimeGuard is a powerful networking tool that monitors your entire network or computer 24/7.
It sends alerts, identifies the cause of an oncoming issue – and takes action!

PrimeGuard protects, secures, and maintains your valuable data, network and computer.

With its multi-faceted security measure, PrimeGuard will protect your computer from viruses, hackers or any alarming threat. PrimeGuard stands there on guard, ready to detect, troubleshoot, and repair the issue before you even knew there was one in the first place. It is constantly monitoring and maintaining what you value on your computer or network.

Primeguard is much more than an anti-virus or backup software.

PrimeGuard is your in-house IT administrator. It handles all your backups, updates, performance checks, and security monitoring on your computer or network. It pushes security patches through and screens hardware components. It observes your system’s status in real time so you don’t have to worry about any IT related matter. Overall, Primeguard improves the efficiency of your computer network as it continuously alerts, detects, and troubleshoots. The result is a secure business with cost effective IT solutions.

We know your business is important, and with PrimeGuard – we’ve got you covered at all times.



Preventative Monitoring
Detects oncoming issues and takes action
Automation & Backup
Monitors, backs up, sends security patches through and troubleshoots automatically
Managed Anti-Virus
Functions as a state of the art anti-virus
Threat Intelligence
Scans and protects the computer/network against any incoming threats
Multiple Devices
Monitors multiple networks/computers in real time
Cost Effective
Multiple services for ONE low monthly fee


$85/month/per computer
  • 1-9 computers
  • Price is per computer
$65/month/per computer
  • 10 - 74 computers
  • Price is per computer
$55/month/per computer
  • 75+ computers
  • Price is per computer

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